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Matfors Industriservice has since its inception in 1980 met its customers with a wide range of both manufactured products and products we are a reseller of. We have carefully chosen our supplier, which we think offers the highest quality, fast delivery times and a broad knowledge. These products combined with Matfors Industriservice's broad knowledge for assembly, field service, design and advanced service workshop make us a complete supplier in the industry.

Below you will find our products:
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Many of our customers mainly belong to the wood industry, food and process industries.


A wide range and many years in the industry make us a strong pump supplier. With our strong partners, we are from the start with design, sales, assembly and finally commissioning. The customers are a wide range from paper mills to municipalities where we handle fresh water and sewage pumps. Of course, we supply spare parts for the pumps we renovate and sell. Many choose to send pumps to our workshop for repair which is then sent back ready for commissioning.
  • Sulzer: centrifugal pumps, split case pumps (Z22) and stirrers
  • Grindex: submersible bilge, sludge and slurry pumps
  • DEPA: compressed air diaphragm pumps
  • IMO: screw pumps
  • LPS: sewage pumps
  • KSB: centrifugal pumps, deep hole pumps, etc.
  • Colly flowtech: loborotor pumps
  • Pumpar1
  • Pumpar2
  • Pumpar3

Kytölä Flowmeter

The right amount of sealing water is crucial for the function and life of the seal. The possibility of careful adjustment of both pressure and flow entails savings in water and energy consumption. At Matfors Industriservice we stock SLM3, G and GP as well as SLM8, G and GP for fast deliveries. Of course, we sell the entire kytöläs range within flow measurement.

Kytola flodesmatare WebbKytola flodesmatare Webb
Kytola flodesmatare Webb

Samiflex Shaft Couplings & Drive Shafts

Samiflex is an elastic shaft coupling that works perfectly as a standard coupling in the industry. The coupling is available in several designs and sizes such as spacer coupling, taper lock bushing and can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. Samiflex's greatest advantage is that the coupling halves have no contact, which means that the replacement of the coupling band can take place without ex. electric motor or pump needs to be moved. This makes the clutch completely EX rated. Matfors Industriservice has Norrland's largest warehouse on the samiflex coupling from size A0 through A8. Of course, we process shaft holes, wedge grooves and balance the couplings we sell. Many times, sales are done together with assembly out at the customer.

Cardan shafts for paper machines and other machine drives are a big part of our everyday lives. Both drive shafts with knot crosses that we manufacture, balance, laser direct and assemble, but also cardan shafts with so-called steel frame couplings of fail safe model. With our strong suppliers from GKN and Siemens, we can supply cardan shafts including protection for both fixed and movable gears to most drives.

Busch & Co Electric motors

Together with Busch & Co, Matfors Industriservice can offer a wide range of electric motors, frequency converters, generators and motor gears. Of course everything from standard motors to special motors. Much is combined with our service workshop where we renovate electric motors daily.

Busch coBusch co
Busch co

Grandpuller & Hi-Force puller

Our own-made, self-designed and patented Grandpuller is one of our many innovations here at Matfors Industriservice. Grand puller is designed to more easily dismantle spherical roller bearings and CARB / TORB bearings from sealed / built-in bearing housings, ie where a traditional puller does not reach. The extractor has been in the Matfors Industrial Service range since the mid-80s and was invented by Börje Sjöbom who was a field service mechanic at Matfors Industriservice and would change all layers on a paper machine's drying section on the drive side. Instead of having to install the entire machine's end piece including bearing position, Grand Puller will be able to remove the bearing from the paper machine with all machine parts mounted. We can currently manufacture Grandpuller for most spherical roller bearings including CARB / TORB bearings. With our Grand Puller, Matfors Industriservice becomes a complete player in changing rolling bearings on paper machines and many times we shorten downtime up to 50% thanks to our Grand Puller with experienced bearing technicians.

Another innovation from Matfors Industriservice within the extractor for spherical roller bearings is our Hi-Force puller, which is designed for roller bearings that are crimped onto shaft pins ex. Guide rollers where there is a shortage of space between the rear bearing cover and the bearing to access with a claw puller. Hi force puller, also called the joint selection bearing puller, consists of two halves with a rear edge that grips the bearing, a press plate with threads for 50-ton hydraulic piston, hydraulic piston and pump and an outer sleeve that holds the package in place.​​​​​​​
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top service

Valves & butterfly valves

Matfors Industriservice has extensive experience from the design, sale and assembly of valves and butterfly valves for the Hydropower industry. We have a broad product portfolio with both standard and special valves for your particular needs. Because we have our strength with a workshop, we can also offer the manufacture of intermediate pieces where you want to replace old valves against new ones but may not get the same building dimensions so we can replace existing valves without having to have an impact on the pipe system.

Ventiler vridspjallVentiler vridspjall
Ventiler vridspjall

Benzler gear units, gearboxes and industrial gearboxes

Together with Benzlers we offer at Matfors Industriservice gearwheels, gearboxes, worm gearboxes, SALA gearboxes and the heavier industrial gearboxes a complete range from replacement gear units, spare parts and a broad knowledge of transmissions. This is in many cases combined with our service workshop for industrial switches, project planning and installation at the customer. Feel free to try our strong service agreement that includes the sale of switches, repairs and an exchange system.


Vrska Press Steam boxes & mechanical seals

Matfors Industriservice has for many years worked with the design, sale and assembly of steam boxes for paper machines. Thanks to our broad knowledge of the paper machine's drying section regarding the rotating units. With Vrska Press steam boxes, we can offer a number of different models of steam boxes with very high quality and the latest technology in the field, where Vrska press has several patents for just steam boxes. We are ready to design your drying section with our revolutionary and maintenance-free steam boxes, where our replacement systems and service agreements are also very popular.

Vrska Press started in Serbia and is today large on mechanical seals that we at Matfors are proud to present. Please contact us for quotation and technical support regarding mechanical seals. Matfors Industriservice was the first Nordic company to renovate mechanical seals, which gives us a very high and wide knowledge of seals.


Densiq Compensators

We supply and assemble fabric, steel and rubber compensators from DENSIQ AB.
In most cases, these compensators are tailored to the customer's wishes in size, quality and depending on the medium the compensator must withstand.