In 2017 we started up our wind power department when we saw an increased demand for our serivces within rotating units in the wind power industry. Today the segment has grown and we have entire 6 technicians who only work against the wind power industry with clients who both own stations but also handle the operation of certain wind farms. 

Type of example of assignment we performed:
  • 1, 3 & 5-year checks of bolted joints etc
  • Guarantee agreement against customers and machine manufacturers
  • Service renovation of hydraulics
  • Filter change
  • Replacing UPS Batteries
  • Serivce/renovation of YAW and other gearboxes
  • Control generator check of bolted joints
  • Rental of hydraulic torque tractors and bolt tensioning equipment
All tecknicians hold GWO and all safety training required by the plant owner.

Please contact us and we will tell you more.

Our technicians Ulf and Nils on a service assignment at Statkraft
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